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The VA and the new dog Warrior

June 09th, 2017 
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Don and Diane get ready to greet the new hunting dog and the Marines are back in town


ronnycat5013 avatar
ronnycat5013 said....  

i have the same problem with accidentally inhaling things sc

CWilson avatar
CWilson said....  

I just wanted to say. I don't own the seed Company. I am the Controller there. My boss is the owner. I hope you guys enjoy the food plot.

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Heather avatar 06/14/2017

Heather replied....

That was kind of you to donate the deer plot.

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Esteeffu avatar
Esteeffu said....  

Bah.. Go for the 27th then you can share your anniversary with my birthday..

Marsh avatar
Marsh said....  

Hmmmmmm.........the only thing I have to add to this conversation is that if you have to use a handful of leaves, make d ure they aren't poison ivy.

smitty avatar 06/10/2017

smitty replied....

Marsha when I was a kid I lived in the country.We had a kid that would come stay with his aunt&uncle for the summer.Well he used poison oak.He was down for the count.that is a bad place for that to happen.SGT.Smitty out

smitty avatar
smitty said....  

Bridgechief makes your pockrt wet.At my age I know my wife will tell me too take shower and change if she sees a wet spot on my backside. I will stay with paper towels. You can wet them in the sink.The baby wipes saved my backside in Iraq.SGT.Smitty had had happy butt.The other guys were in a big hurt.Six months with out a shower OOOOOOOOh.SGT.Smitty out

bridgechief avatar 06/11/2017

bridgechief replied....

They have little packs you can tote around. I am just use to Wipes. We didn't have showers during invasion and for some time after in 2003, but we had wipes. We also had plenty of empty bottles if you know what I mean for those long runs.

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