hairlesswannabee said....  

I guess it was inevitable that when calling people out, there's always the small percentage who live their lives in such a way that they just can't apologise and leave it at that. They feel the need to go so far out of their lane to retaliate, that it clearly shows just how twisted their existence has become.
Diane and Don's example of doing the right thing and trying their best to stay level-headed, is a lesson to us all. With each other, your family, friends and a legion of SEALS behind you, you will endure, and the light of justice will burn brightly. Stay strong. Stay awesome. Health, wealth and happiness to you both.

David said....  

Bernath, Cryer and Wiggenfeld should be very thankful for the rule of law, and the fact that Don respects the same.

CWilson said....  

You know as I get caught up through all of these videos I realized something about Senior Chief. He is absolutely impressive. I don't know that I would have been able to be as calm and cool about this video as he was. I would lose focus on the objective and fall into their trap. Truly impressive.

Joe said....  

Still wearing my Virginia Boot Girl boots...and you gotta admit Ballsack, those were some killer stuffed cabbages

TECHNICIAN said....  

Love you guys. Diane, you are one beautiful strong woman. Don, you are one amazing strong man. Hang in there. You will prevail.