thedonald2011 said....  

Damn it Don! You are making me want to go duck hunting!

Gasserglass said....  

Gotta Spare Bed here Shipley, Lest Go Bar Hoppin When You Come Up To Baltimore .... TRUMP 2016

mizie said....  

Toms River, nj here, crabs are still plenty in the traps. Its been a great season for blue crab. Better than years ago. Not as big as in Maryland. Love to stop in Ocean City for some. Ball sack here, over and out good buddy.

robbie574 said....  


Lotta Biltmore said....  

I've been avoiding looking at your opinion on Trumps "trash talk". We'll probably end by disagreeing but I'm gonna give it a shot. I saw how upset you were by the creepy disgusting images and words DB inflicted on you. Trump and that Billy Bush were bragging and trash talking but it was more. Trump said I'm on them, I'm on them like a bitch. You can kiss them and they let you because you're a star. Billy cackles and Trump says yeah grab them by the pussy. He is saying things he's done in his position of wealth/power/fame. These women don't just let him cuz he's a star. He catches them, he's a predator. The 13 year old girl who got Jeffrey Epstein convicted of pedophile rape was working at Mar-a-Lagos. Trump either introduced her or pointed her out to his billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has been to Epstein'/ private island called "pedo island" where he brings underage girls as young as 11 or 12, for fun with his friends like Trump and Bill Clinton. Vote for him if you want but he's just as bad as Clinton. There is more if you want the real truth. Personally I am disgusted by the whole GD election. I think it's time to storm the Bastille and start chopping heads on these MFs. I don't need wimpy but I sure don't want sexualpsychopaths for prez again!!!

Almost forgot LOVE YOU GUYS,

Love all you dick bombs who want to (and will) give me crap- right back at ya