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The Orignal Phony SEAL of the Week

December 03rd, 2016 
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Don is in the Deer Stand reminiscing about the very first Phony SEAL of the Week


Joe avatar
Joe said....  

Stop verifying the rest of the world for me to get off. There's a win-win offer.
Beat it...

sterlinsmith avatar
sterlinsmith said....  

Don! I sent you an email via your Paypal account email address. You need to come to Texas and hunt with me! I'll line you up on a nice buck - 3500 acres in north west Texas!

ROFFO avatar
ROFFO said....  

Great vid Don,

I must admit I thought your best buddy backed off a bit because we have not heard about him lately but I see he still is the irritating boil that just won't go away.

I bet that prick is a member under another na,e, what do you ?


phony hater avatar
phony hater said....  

FYI: Jerry Lee Branyon passed away on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

Jerry was a resident of Oxford, Georgia at the time of his passing.

LosDodgers avatar
LosDodgers said....  

Not sure if anyone posted this yet but it looks like Jerry passed away at the very end of 2014 at the age of 62. Branyon Sales Consulting has also been dissolved. Not sure when. Probably not long after Senior took him down. I'm sure we all hope he came full circle with life before he passed on, and didn't go to his grave with loved ones believing he was something he was not.Possible link of obituary: shirt is pink as shit. Kick some ass.

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