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The Mysterious Photoshop Image Appears... I Didnt Do That!

March 22nd, 2017 
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The Mysterious Photoshop Image Appears... Way Back Machine. MANY thanks for the SUPPORT...


Aimenviro avatar
Aimenviro said....  

I can't believe the crap that these dip-sticks are bringing onto you and Diane. I hope you'll find strength and encouragement from those of your supporters. It's absolutely unconscionable what these phony, narcissistic, lying pricks do. Good on ya and hang in there!

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UTAH avatar
UTAH said....  

The USA News Media is Donald Trumps Dan Bernath, Everyone should Liston to Rush Limaugh, and Sean Hannity Show, YOU well not be able to Be live the Differences.

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bobbyd AMS1 avatar
bobbyd AMS1 said....  

I sure would like to invite those two clowns to the grand canyon for a photo shoot near the edge. Don you and Diane will be victorious against those bastards. I can't believe there isn't something like a stockers law that can keep them away from you and anything you are involved in. SC you and Diane Hang in there the truth shall set you free.

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marsh avatar
marsh said....  
phony hater avatar 03/23/2017

phony hater replied....

with obummer puttin in so many of his lgbt agents, it could be so true.

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Jan T avatar
Jan T said....  

Snippet posted.

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