Hogan said....  

I am son to a mother, brother to four sisters, father of a daughter. Our father did the unspeakable, two of my sisters not unlike me, felt a duty to service. One sister, served in the Army, spent three years in service 13 months at the Strip in Korea. Ferrying troops to e Navy, did eight years. Served on sub tenders, then skippered her own Tugs. Our family was blown apart by the actions of our father. I did violence to that man, never got over it. Cant imagine how my sisters cope, they both had the experience of multiple assailants. They both had the experience of knowing that their chain of command went through their assailants. I think that it is a time in our history where women are learning what you and Lynn innately knew. My Daughter followed me into construction, I talked to her at length about men, what they are capable of. How to deal with it. I am not upset by your comments, not in the least. I do think that men, who achieve a bit of power can inflict shame on women and men as well when they are heralded as the best, the most shining of their peer group. I think, fathers have failed their sons, that respect for women has , had, become... situational. Many take advantage of the least of us simply because they can. It is as you both point out, disgusting that so many men in Hollywood came forward to say that Weinstein was an abuser of women. What a bunch of sorry asses they were, they werent going to sacrifice coveted roles to stand up fo someone who couldnt stand up for themselves. This practice is prevalent in all walks of life. From a 7-11 clerk to movie stars to politicians, you name it. So what was taught to these motherless, sisterless pukes that would not just perpetrate, but stand silent while it happened. I agree with yo absolutely that women have to stand up for themselves, I believe fathers have to do a better job of being men. Just like racism, disregard for women is learned at home.

Haven 78 said....  

I agree!!

Austin D said....  

Oscar nominations are not out yet FYI

TheOsprey said....  

It's been proven time and time again that "liberals" are mentally ill. All those who protest are criminal deviants who believe that being a criminal deviant is just something we normals have to deal with. There was a time when these psychologically damaged people would perish in the elements or at the hands of somebody who wouldn't tolerate their shit. For the last fifty years deviants have risen to be a protected species who are actually BETTER than normal people. The world has gone mad and it only leads one place...the total devastation and annihilation of civilization. If Trump isn't enough to get the job done we'll need a Pinochet. Otherwise we'll have a Castro/Hugo Chavez type revolution and we all know where that ended up.


Marsh said....  

Goodnight fellow Patriots.

I hope tonight finds you all safe, warm, and well fed.