Pete said....  

Speaking as a lawyer (who also serves p/t as a Judge) the history of Bernath is well known in the legal community.

He had a history of filing baseless claims that were brought to harass and cause distress to people. He had a history of flying off the handle at Judges (most often women, including one episode that led to a conviction for contempt, in an elevator).

His life was a web of lies and when he was discovered in those lies he would strike out at the women and children of those he had disagreements (putting it mildly) with. He was outed by others as a phony and you confirmed it... then he came after those close to you and some of those with the same delusions (people with psychosis can drag others into their delusions, making it their truth too).

My pro bono work (perhaps to even out the karma scales a bit) was representing women and children victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse -- I saw many like this POS and got a bunch of threats, slashed tires etc -- the worst was always threats against my family and I think if he had left it between him and you, your view would likely have been different. But, he opened up on those closest to you.

You are a far better and greater man than that POS ever was - he was a b/s lawyer (disbarred) a b/s person and an impostor -- he wished he was you, or like you but he had neither the physical or emotional ability and would have failed the psych tests.

I have experienced the threats against family, and have had the PD come around to deal with large suspicious packages sent to my home. Bernath is dead and (on the up side for him) they probably had his room reserved and ready for checkin in Hell.

I cannot articulate any better than others who have written on here -- you are one of the good guys and now he is dead -- his "friends" need to seek professional psychiatric help.

dons-hairforce1 said....  

I dont even feel like i deserve to email you, much less expect a response........keep doing what you are doing!

sammy said....  

Don't pay attention to this BS, Don. Ridiculous comments. Ridiculous questions. I'm very conservative about contacts with you because I am aware of your predicament. Everyone!! Back off with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ohshouldhave said....  

Luvu Brother

TECHNICIAN said....  

Bernath is dead and gone and rotting in hell. You were and are good and honorable. He was the epitome of evil. Nuff said. The coward committed suicide.