You are here - The final push for our guest

The final push for our guest

June 25th, 2017 
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A nice Sunday wrapping up last minute chores before our Military guest arrive


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Hogan said....  

Cats and dogs both tend to express their displeasure with percieved slights by shittin and peein in places that piss off their owners.

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phony hater said....  

my fav moral in a movie: My Name is Nobody, Bird, Cowpie, & Coyote

My Name is Nobody (1973) — Bird, Cowpie, & Coyote Story
My Name is Nobody (1973) — Bird, Cowpie, & Coyote Story

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JayDee said....  

Another fake in Thailand claiming to be an ex Navy Seal. Sunny Schollenbruch aka Sunny in Thailand on Youtube. Has told this story for years and years and people initially believed it, but now its been completely slammed by Senior Chief and stating. Never was a Seal. Exposed and went into hiding, not back making videos, profiting from these stories. Drives around in a Black Ford SUV with a huge PUNISHER SKULL on the car. Thinks he is a SF Operator, but has never ever served in any military. Stories he told about killing 120 people, women and children in Colombia etc. Black Ops etc, but this person is a 100% Fake. Take a look for him on Youtube. Sunny Schollenbruch. Nothing but a complete mental case and needs to be tarred and feathered for these endless BS stories. Sunny Schollenbruch. Please help us bring this guy to some measure of accountability. Please share and give him a visit. Thanks.

I am happy & also a bit sad - Sunny's Thailand Vlog # 193
I am happy & also a bit sad - Sunny's Thailand Vlog # 193

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phony hater said....  

new vid people

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Hef83 said....  

new Burger King where the ti.....I mean gentleman's club used to be in Muncie. Still the home of the whoppers.

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Lilly1 replied....

is that an unmarked car?

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Hef83 replied....


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