Hogan said....  

my Wife had worked as a cocktail waitress in some small joints in Vegas. She also worked in a little joint called the Burger Hut on Paradise and Flamingo. A counter plus six , seven booths, she took the orders, cooked em, and would also tell, not ask some of these gigantic Ironworkers, Carpenters, that fuck you , you aint having sausage your havin bacon, and they would sheepishly comply. When it came to me, we would argue over my order, fuckin just give me what , oh fuck no I had to have a healthy breakfast. I miss her til this day, she never took no shit from me LOL.

Hogan said....  

The passage over the bridge is clearly a problem for Diane, so sorry. I sand blasted and painted smaller bridges. I also set swing stages on many iconic Vegas hotels. Using everything from bosuns chairs to swing stages and on Industrial jobs using transfer chains, I loved that work, OSHA is content to walk the halls of a Hotel Remodel, looking for bad cords. They damn sure never came out to check bosun chairs, swing stages etc, it was hilarious to invite an OSHA Inspector out to the exterior devices and they would glance out and proclaim everything looks good LOL .

Trudy said....  

Diane I bet George was wearing Drakkar cologne. That was the Shizzzzz back in the day.

Angry Steve said....  

Diane is the best. And she was right in not tipping that waitress.

ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Wow I love riding my bike across that bridge.