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The Bowling God and puppy training

October 08th, 2017 
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Warrior gets a day out and Diane gets a night out


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Cigar said....  

Great place to eat... My 1st friend was from Oxford, Md.. He was born in 1897.. He retried the year I was born.. lol.. Actually he was a friend of my Grandfather's.. Mr.Eason would tell me about the birds back in the day..

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Waveoff said....  

Bernath's Lee County suit against me was dismissed by the Appeals court after a months long appeal of his District's Court loss and several thousand dollars of local legal defense. One down... two to go.

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Johnny_Utah said....  

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tommyguns said....  

Glad to see ya'll getting out and enjoying yourselves.

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smitty said....  

Chief & Diane bernath has had a set back that he will never recover from. I don't know much about the civil side of the court house,but he has damaged you both financially and emotionally.His conviction should make it a slam dunk to get a judgement on his home and other stuff he owns.This could be a stand in line deal and you my get a good pay back or 1 dollar&38 cents.Roll that around for a little bit.If his wife can't make the house payment that will go away fast. I know this,when I was in a fight with a big guy and I got him down I had to make up my mind fast,Finish him or yell my Ki-hap, feet don't fail me now. Ren & Stimpy are done.If Chief has a case, they had better hide.I would understand if Chief & Diane just walk away. They all need broadside from the battle ship USS Shipley. Sgt.Smitty out

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