You are here - Teufel Hunden drops by and Don lashes out.

Teufel Hunden drops by and Don lashes out.

August 09th, 2018 
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Teufel Hunden drops by and Don lashes out. Many thanks For the Support...


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Tabby said....  

Well, its been a while since i commented. Had court today. Didnt go well. He will be out in 18 months. I really thought he would get more time but apparently reading psalms 50 to the judge softened the blow. He put on one hell of a show.

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BoyScout said....  

Awesome video.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

if you dont have anything good to say......than dont say anything at all. i wish more people lived by the golden rule.

Mr. T avatar
Mr. T said....  

I hope the guy at least got dick bombed... crazy someone would say that about this girl. I personally never saw the comment, however I typically don't lurk the thread. It's a shame, someone in this community would say That, seems like we have a turd in the punch bowl.

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Jordanb18 said....  

What a shame some clown would do that, sounds like some jabronis are joining to cause discontent with legitimate people outing phonies.

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