dorbie said....  

We can't flag the channel as harassing a 3rd party (I tried) only the 1st party YOU can flag them. You should flag these channels as bullying and harassing you. In addition send Google legal your restraining order. Tell them you've identified those channels as belonging to the parties subject to the restraining order and they'll probably yank them for you.

Engineman said....  

Flagged videos

Gasserglass said....  

When living in south eastern PA, the Stink Bug infestation hit....... they were the worst that life had to offer, only smoking cigarettes would drive them away from the room you were in....nothing else worked, light a cigarette and let it smoke in an ashtray, the bugs will leave to another room

Cranky Old Veteran, JD said....  

Looks like the hearing this morning did not go well for Bernath, and there is a status hearing on his mental health examination set for December 15, 2017. As this is an examination of a person locked up in a penal facility, nothing will happen on his timetable, and rather the state will take its time to extract form Dan just what his major malfunction is, and they will work to tune in up in terms of his mental health so that he can be in his right mind what the court punishes him for his misconduct.

Dan is likely going to try to claim that he is so mentally ill that he can not be held accountable for his actions, and he is going to fake mental illness, or at least attempt to.

This is regarded as an involuntary commitment for the purposes of psychiatric evaluation, and the Sheriff in Lee Country needs to be brought up to date on this, because they will want to revoke his CCW liscense, adn go to his house and collect the guns he has there.

2minutes2midnight said....  

Done !