Lazarus said....  

Just want to let you know youre still the greatest down here!! We get first reply to TELECASTER every new video!! The shipleys has Redman and US INFANTRYMAN AND a new guy chuck outta their place. I betif you were still on earth with us you would have been there too!! Thinking about you a lot!! Enjoy your time up there, God willing Ill see you sometime!! Love ya- STAY SMILING- Laz

Lazarus said....  

Its been a while brother!! I think about you still every day! A lot of stuff going on in my life, and this site has really became something really cool. Lots of great new members. You would love Chuck! A Marine and a totalbad ass and funny as shit too!! Hope all is well in heaven!! Ill see you someday I hope!! Love ya brother- me

Lazarus said....  

Hey bad ass!! Been forever. Been damn sick and under the weather myself again!! I doubt youll see him up there but Dan Bernath is finally history. He crashed his plane. Mr. And Mrs. Shipley are finally rid of the big asshole!! Always thinking about you old friend. God Bless- me

Lazarus said....  

Been a hell of a long last few months my man. Hope all is going well upstairs. Always thinking of you and really regret not going to visit you and the other bad asses that weekend. Of all the shit we can get back time sure isn't one of em. Everyone here is awesome and The Shipley's finally had that jerk put in jail so no more coconut bombs!! Stay awesome my man. Much love-Laz

Lazarus said....  

Weathered the storm!! Obviously, I ain't up there with you!! Thinking of you as always old friend!!! Much love - Laz