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Roasted Meat Towel, Crow Season and 3000 Alien Autopsies.

August 17th, 2018 
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Roasted Meat Towel, Crow Season and 3000 Alien Autopsies. Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...


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bobsled said....  

Water? Do you know what fish do in that?

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ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Heres David Wilcock resignation letter from GAIA TV these guys were pulling in hundreds of thousands a year doing this bullshit. Corey Goode replaced Bill Brockbrader he claims to be a Super Soldier who fought aliens and was in what was called a 20 and back program a time traveler super soldier.... All these liars are trained by Wilcock in my opinion and they are falling. GaiTC Leaks David Wilcocks resignartion because the employees were uprising against the fraud that is Wilcock and I think they were gonna beat the shit out of him. Read this is very interesting and proves what a little whiney bitch and weasel he really is !!

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ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Emery Smith is a FAKE NAVY SEAL !! Look up his name and the company Emcyte he ripped off. David Wilcock is a real piece a shit who promotes these fake SEALs guys like Bill Brockbrader, Emery Smith I am so thankful you did this video Don Thank You so much !!!!

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Simon77 avatar 08/25/2018

Simon77 replied....

I have heard Emery interviewed before and never heard a SEAL claim, it always starts with the Air Force story then he gets introduced into more & more.
Is there a specific & documented reference? 
I can't find any type of US Navy service much less a SEAL claim.  
The accusation appears to come from "Bill Ryan" - one of the guys who got suckered in by Brockbrader &Wilcock.  Ryan says he heard the SEAL bomb dropped from an anonymous friend at an an outdoor conference that wasn't recorded.  (these guys never learn :-)

It's sort of funny that a bio places Emery in Fort Myers as a child.

It is true that these guys frequently drop the "SEAL" bomb. Delta Force & Navy SEAL Supersoldiers with "Cosmic" & "Majestic 12" clearances - they told me - Navy SEAL High-Command ... they go on and on like that.

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oneslip said....  

OMG Don, torture us with David Wilcock of Bill Brockbrader fame...oops Bill was Bill Wood then. David is a looney tune, but he stood up for Bill at that time.

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

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ShotInTheDark71 replied....

Total pieces a shit !!!!!

Simon77 avatar 08/25/2018

Simon77 replied....

Wilcock thinks he's the reincarnated Edgar Casey ...

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Engineman said....  

I hear its Better to get a external battery for that scope and a better ir light

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