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Request Permission to Strike Eight Bells on Time.

July 24th, 2017 
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Request Permission to Strike Eight Bells on Time. Many THANKS for the support...


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JustaGrunt said....  

Dude. Sittin here at work watching you fishin playin with your pup. Makes me miss my dog.
Enjoy the (semi) retired life- yall have earned it

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AG32 said....  

Swimming like a champ. Has a great teacher.

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TheOsprey said....  

There was a guy from the same town as both sides of my family who was a legitimate genius and he joined the Navy under the same circumstances. He was too busy fighting with students and even teachers so he dropped out and joined the Navy. The town was and is a complete, dead-end shithole and that's why I presume so many people had a problem with him. His name is Jim Clark and a book was written about him called "The New New Thing." Before Elon Musk he was the first person to be responsible for three different billion dollar IPO's.  According to the book his mother and sister still lived there and when he would come to see them he would have the pilot of his private plane buzz said shithole.  After all those years he fucking hated that place.  It is the same hometown as Jimmy Dean too.

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Dammitallen  avatar
Dammitallen said....  

Go Warrior!!!

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phony hater said....  

holy goodness

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