heather said....  

Words can't express how thankful my family is for what our military gives, we are such a blessed country to have all of you. I hate to be a buzzkill, but seeing what Killary has gotten away with so far has made me lose trust in our government. I pray for our military, its quite obvious they do care about our country. I could just go on and on but I'll leave it at that.

Scooby said....  

Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Simply wonderful.

tmann1606 said....  

Thank you for sharing those special memories with us. G-d Bless.

DANLCOON99 said....  

Don & Diane, my son Max Martell shipped out to division 800 Specwar Bootcamp in chicago!!!! i thought you guys would want to know!!!! It was a difficult day for our whole family, we went up to MEPS up by the KCI Airport to see him off!!! we have had him for 24 years & now he is starting his 6 year commitment to The Navy Combat Air Rescue program, thanks for all of your kind words & talking about him on that video!!!! He thought that was awesome!!!! I have followed alot of those storys about those Seals you guys were sharing those fond memories about on previous videos & in the news, very tragic indeed!!! Praying for all of our beloved Men & Women in the military who serve, & those who have paid the ultimate price for our Freedom!!! Freedom is not free!!!!! Thanks D & D, For all you do, & continue to do!!!!, Dan


Edso said....  

The weather seems to be a month behind. This morning I will be setting up flower pots and baskets in the 65* weather. Killer Barbeque chicken on the grill for lunch.