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Rainy Day, Somber Day... Another Day Tomorrow...

November 09th, 2018 
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Rainy Day, Somber Day... Another Day Tomorrow... Many Thanks For The Support...


TECHNICIAN said....  

The school shooting in Florida had an Armed Broward County deputy assigned to the school. He was a coward along with Broward County Sheriffs department. He refused to go into the school to save those children from that monster Cruz and the Sheriffs department kept the police department from going in right away. I conceal carry everywhere. Always have and always will since I went into law enforcement.

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BoyScout said....  

BoyScout avatar
BoyScout said....  

Here are some Christmas lights. Pleople down the road really get into it. This is from last year.

On a more serious note. Remembering our vets today.  Remembering grandma's brother W. Dale Beus.  Uncle Dale served in WWII, survived the Bataan Death March to go on, and serve in Korea, and Vietnam.

TECHNICIAN said....  

What a senseless loss. Words can't describe.

majorcrud avatar
majorcrud said....  

Nobody died in Thousand Oaks. Christine Leinonen the crisis actor mom at the Pulse Nightclub fake shooting shows up playing Susan Orfanos .. another mom who claims her kid was killed at The Borderline fake shooting. A video that I posted on . net has about 3,000 views exposing this filthy crisis actor bitch. Anybody that believes these shootings were real needs to go back to kindergarten & start over. This crap .. since the fake Sandy Hook shootings is all about the merger between Hollywood, the MSM & the shado government .. all working together to produce propaganda movies. The wacky shooter, the wacky bomber, the wacky car driver, the wacky van driver, the wacky truck driver & the wacky guy with a knife. All garbage.
Parkland, FL. 12 counties & their school districts had 2/14 listed as early release day on their school calendars. Students were dismissed at 1 PM. The shooting at the H.S. went off at 2:20. I called Walmart. They went on IMMEDIATE LOCK DOWN. No way this clown Cruz got in there to buy a drink at Subway.
Wake up Don & Diane .... this stuff is fake duck shit.

TheOsprey avatar 11/11/2018

TheOsprey replied....

Have you seen the list of "terrorists" and shooters from Broward County? I saw a list on Facebook yesterday. Now Broward County is going to singlehandedly upturn Florida's Governor and Senator election results with miraculous ballots showing up. The scumbags that have been running this country and world are not going softly into the night. Do you follow Q? for anybody who wants the skinny on what's really going on. You can also get the app for your phone.

Debo avatar 11/13/2018

Debo replied....

Now what damned dumb ass would bother to make fake duck shit??

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