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Printing Birds, and my Crippled Goose.

February 22nd, 2017 
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Printing Birds, and my Crippled Goose. MANY, MANY thanks for the SUPPORT. Name my Goose??? Send an email to with the Birds potential name... THANKS...


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Hogan said....  

Lookin forward to the great videos of those warriors getting ducks, geese, deer, dove, thats the good stuff!

ddbart77 avatar
ddbart77 said....  

Don how about Gunner the Goose? as we have all seen the court case will depend on whether the judge is a leftist/globalist hater of America or not. if not, you'll do quite fine and if so, they'll no doubt take the side of that piece of sh_t and make you squirm. pisses me off. hoping your judge is a real American and not the fake kind we are seeing in the news. get em Don - looking forward to your video(s) about it after the win.

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RobG  avatar
RobG said....  

What about Gustav the Goose...

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Bill avatar
Bill said....  

There once was a goose named Bruce...
Who ran his beak kinda loose...
He beaked off to the wrong bloaks...
And now he can't fly but floats...

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Javaspice avatar
Javaspice said....  

Happy Friday everyone. Any fun plans for the weekend?

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