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Preparing for our first family with kids

June 24th, 2017 
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Don and Diane are busy getting baby beds and high chairs ready for the little
ones at Warriors Rest


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Sarge said....  

Senior and Diane, you two have made a difference in more then one Veterans eyes and hearts. While I have never met you both I truly appreciate everything that you are doing for our service members and our veterans, please keep up the great work helping to heal our boys and with busting those dumb ass fake SEAL's.
Darrin Singer
Frmr TM3(SS)
Retired SSG, USA

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mr50bmg said....  

how do you buy a brick?

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

You guys are Angels.

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JayDee said....  

Another fake in Thailand claiming to be an ex Navy Seal. Sunny Schollenbruch aka Sunny in Thailand on Youtube. Has told this story for years and years and people initially believed it, but now its been completely slammed by Senior Chief and stating. Never was a Seal. Exposed and went into hiding, not back making videos, profiting from these stories. Drives around in a Black Ford SUV with a huge PUNISHER SKULL on the car. Thinks he is a SF Operator, but has never ever served in any military. Stories he told about killing 120 people, women and children in Colombia etc. Black Ops etc, but this person is a 100% Fake. Take a look for him on Youtube. Sunny Schollenbruch. Nothing but a complete mental case and needs to be tarred and feathered for these endless BS stories. Sunny Schollenbruch. Please help us bring this guy to some measure of accountability. Please share and give him a visit. Thanks. This is the fakes Youtube channel. He won't respond and will delete any reference to your questions, but he needs exposing to a much wider audience. He is a nasty little man.

I am happy & also a bit sad - Sunny's Thailand Vlog # 193
I am happy & also a bit sad - Sunny's Thailand Vlog # 193

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BobVH said....  

Thanks again for your continued service to our great country Diane and Don. You are both the most wonderful caring giving people I have ever known. And trust me as a 25 year U.S. Navy retired surface CPO and fed employee beside that I've been all over this world many times over. You two are the cream of the me. Thank God for both of you. Please just keep doing what you do!!

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