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Prayers for Dons Dad

February 10th, 2018 
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Messer comes through with a beautiful gift and Don gets sad news about his Father


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JJ said....  

Sorry Sam Steele...I clicked on the bomb by your name wondering what it was. I did a FNG fuckup. My bad.

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Sam Steele said....  

To the Shipley family, while there no words that can truly ease the sadness that you are feeling, I do wish you peace and strength. To Mr Shipley Sr, thank you for your service; Stand-Easy.

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DOC said....  

My condolences to you guys.I was told to give the dogs a pill called brewers yeast when I had my dog she shed a lot I gave her 1 in the A.M and 1 in the P.M and it really worked and cut down her shedding as bad.You can get a bottle in the pet isle at Wal-Mart or any pet store hope that helps.
You guys are in my prayers.

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ProPatria said....  

My sincerest condolences go out to the entire Shipley family. May he rest eternally in peace now.

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Buz said....  

You all really are special folks I am glad you have family,extended family and friends.Though we never met I honestly feel close to you like old friends.We care.Believe I told you daddy died in a is nothing that can be said

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