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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week TEASER and a pile of Updates...

December 24th, 2017 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week TEASER and a pile of Updates...  MANY THANKS for the SUPPORT...


Fast Eddie  avatar
Fast Eddie said....  

You the man Don

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23skidoo avatar
23skidoo said....  

That's a terrible Dye job Don... maybe you'll get some grecian formula for Christmas!

dorbie avatar
dorbie said....  

I have a Punisher t-shirt, I got it in a comic store. Not my fault SF co-opted it. Wearing a trident, that's different. What a douchebag. P.S. got skulls on my skydiving helmets (black death), just as a reminder, not Frank Castle's though.

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EFD620 avatar
EFD620 said....  

A little Christmas story to break your hearts. A good friends girlfriend has a 13yr old son. He's seen me with my cameras doing what camera people do. I found out he wants to get into photography. His mom's boyfriend got him a laptop,he said he would have to find a job so he can get a camera. I heard about this threw his grandpa. So having some older equipment I put some gear in a box. A DSLR and everything I could think of to go with it. Flash tripod etc. He was star struck. He must of thanked me a dozen times yesterday and again this morning. I tried to downplay it because it's older but good equipment,far from new. Mom says he won't put the camera down 'till he needs to charge the batterys. I've given away a few things in my day but I've never had anyone that filled with JOY. So my best Christmas present was a box full of used Camera gear, Ya never know do you

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Simon77 avatar 12/25/2017

Simon77 replied....

Smile :-o) ***

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Yosemite Sam avatar 12/25/2017

Yosemite Sam replied....


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EFD620 avatar
EFD620 said....  

Merry Christmas everyone. It looks like a tornado went threw here. Christmas with kids doesn't get any better.

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preschool teacher avatar 12/26/2017

preschool teacher replied....

Having young kids at Christmas is the best.

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