Jrezky said....  

I'm no expert, just got a friend who is a nurse, but apparently movies got it totally backwards, you don't want to try to pull the bullet out of a wound. The priority for a gunshot is to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient. Lots of the time they never even go back in to get the bullet, not unless its location is going to cause any further danger. I'd assume a SEAL or some such trained combat medic wouldn't go digging around inside a gunshot wound for a bullet at all, especially not before attempting to stop blood loss.

Ronster said....  

Diane had me cracked up with the puking bit :-)

The Riz said....  

What a tool. He still has the 14-year old boys face in his mind. That's scary, real scary. Phony Seal Pedophile.

Loved this Channel 7 story where he confesses he's a liar, then you see him in church confessing and everyone hugging him. How nice, poor old guy. Yea right, fifty fuckin' years one upping every veteran he ever met. yea, Jimmy crack corn and Fuck you! Great bust!

aportos said....  

I hate MFuckers like this.. I bet he cant speak Russian as well.

Lies about everything. A speacial hell for people like this.

Hogan said....  

My Father, his three brothers all signed up after Pearl, one brother died on Saipan. This prick needs to just fuckin die.