You are here - Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK, Marvin Whiteaker the Force Recon Navy SEAL.

Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK, Marvin Whiteaker the Force Recon Navy SEAL.

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Marvin Whiteaker, a Real Estate Appraiser from Ocala, Florida. 

Anyone feeling sorry for Marvin should read this story of Marvin stealing the Valor of a young wounded Marine.

You can express your displeasure with Marvin by calling his ass at (352) 427-3636 or (352) 347-2587.

The clip about Idaho at the end is for another Phony SEAL I’ll YouTube shortly. Sorry for any confusion...

........Said he was a Force Recon Marine and in for 16 years before getting booted out in the Clinton era. In conversation about how great he was, he also included that he went to and graduated from BUDS.  I asked the class and he said 197.

Also said he was with Seal Team 3. His name is Marvin D. Whiteaker. DOB 8/27/63 according to his Facebook profile. The whole time he was here, all he did was toot his own horn.  He comes across as the type who would be broadcasting to anyone and everyone who will listen.  He even pulled out a pic of him in uniform with a crazy stack of ribbons.  Of course he has had all kinds of combat experience and worked with the CIA for 3 years.......

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Backdoc said....  

"Where you a Navy SEAL?" "I don't remember" That is probably the best response I have ever heard from one of these clowns.

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Hogan said....  

Shit bird, wannabe lifer motherfucker, clownboy blew any "honorable service" he may have accrued.

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Julio said....  

This Mother Fucker is a Shit Bird!

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HardLuck said....  


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