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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Joseph B. Cryer

February 09th, 2015 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BLASTS Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Man-Killer Joseph B. Cryer.  He was NEVER a Navy SEAL. He is a Fake, Fraud, Phony, Impostor.


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Ghostface said....  

The second photo bomb of him, the one after bob dole. That guy looks like he would rather slam his wiener in a sliding glass door than take that photo.LOL

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Hogan said....  


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Lyle N said....  

I bet you smashed all his hopes and dreams after that video! Idiot!

NWTopCop avatar
NWTopCop said....  

This is Elmer T. Bushbottom, again. Small world, Mr. Cryer. I was an exotic male dancer at Chippendale's-for-the-Blind, in Goobertooth, West Virginia (formerly named "Chunkendale's"). Killer gig. Great perks: 1) The women checked me out with Braille. 2) The tips were phenomenal, since the women didn't know the difference in a $1 and a $20 bill. I bagged a couple of $50 and $100 bills, now and then. The only drawback to the job: The speedo. We called it "butt floss." I hated that shit. Here I am my first night on the job, back in 2010. I'm the first one from the left, in yellow. The guy on the far right is Guido (in green) of the aforementioned out-of-work Ringling Brothers midgets that I recently posted about. It looks like he lost something.

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Gasserglass said....  

Cryer making Ocean City smell bad.

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