Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. John Stark your man in Afghanistan

UPDATE as of July 2014... John STARK AKA John SHARK real name is JOHNATHON CHRISTOPHER MURRAY charged with Extortion. I also discovered THE GREATEST BULLSHIT STORY EVER TOLD that relates to John at

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS John Stark AKA 'I can’t give you my real name'. John claims to be Marine Recon and a Navy SEAL. John also runs 'The Stunning Agency'
 where for a nominal fee John will provide Sniper Cover Fire while he leads you through Afghanistan, Iraq and a host of other countries. All you have to do is send John a bunch of money.

John also claims that his company has conducted over 250 hostage rescue mission throughout the world and basically
John is full of shit...

Johns other problem besides scamming people is not knowing how to use spell check on his website. And its hard to take Johns claims of being a sniper seriously when he writes 'Cross Heirs' instead of Cross Hairs.

Johns survival techniques also come into question when he suggests catching snakes by baiting a fish hook with a live rat or lizard and it seems like a lot of work to first run down a rat or a lizard. Better yet is when John suggests throwing a burning squirrel into the top of a tree for a signal fire... 

Fish for snakes in the Desert
When in the desert food is very hard to find, and snakes seem to be the most common meat, but getting that meat is not easy, Reaper came up with a way to catch a snake with a fishing kit, first you have to catch a lizard or scorpion or a rat then take the scorpion and bait it on the a fishing hook like a fishing bait and tie fishing line to the hook as if you were fishing for fish then find a snake and instead of trying to wrangle a dangerous snake drop the scorpion on the hook on the ground ten feet behind the snake then walk out away from the snake unwinding the fishing string until you are passed the snake then walk sideways until the string is so you can drag the scorpion on the hook up very close to the snakes head, then drag the scorpion and let the scorpion touch the snake so the snake will bite out of self defense then eat the scorpion, then let the snake swallow the scorpion then pull the line and hook the snake so when you get close to kill the snake you can control the snake dangerous end because the hook should hook inside the snake like a fish when fishing. It seems crazy but if your life depends on eating a dangerous snake you must improvise and overcome. Sometimes in the desert you may not be able to find a stick good enough to build a spear or sometimes you may not be able to find a stick at all but with seventy five feet of fishing string a hook and a shoe to step on a scorpion you will still be able to catch the snake and don’t stop there remember to think about how things are made and think about how can you build it in the field from scratch when you don’t have what you need, meaning use string from your shirt and the zipper pull on you pants or a needle on a cactus.

Get out of the Backcountry
In the situation of needing to make an improvised signal in the backcountry in snow where everything seems to be wet, find a tree that is out in the open away from other trees (20-50ft away) and shake the tree find a small animal and wrap the animals fur or fat around the end of a stick and set it on fire then throw it into the top of the tree and let the tree burn from the top down, which will cause a lot of smoke and can be seen from miles away. The reason for the small animal is fat burns for long periods of time even wet fur or fat will burn which will heat the branches and melt the snow and cause the tree to catch fire and cause a lot of smoke. That is how they keep torches going back in ancient Egypt day’s goat or sheep fat. Although there are a lot of animals fat that you can use squire, camel, snakes, beavers, elk, bear, anything with horns, and a few others.

John also claims brain damage in the military but on his Plenty of Fish site John claims to have been shot in the belly and broke both his arms.


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