Flowermonkey said....  

Senior, what about getting a few retirees, Jack Russell's or patterdales. Those terrorists will chase and catch and breaking their necks. Get the small in stature ones. Or have you thought of getting a couple of hawks or the local falconry club to come down and hunt.

GasMan said....  

Holy fuckin shit...I did not know Bernath commited suicide. Sorry folks, I have been absent for many months and just came back tonight and started watching video's again. I clearly have a lot of catching up to do. I would like to say that I'm sorry to hear that he is dead but after what he did to Diane and Don and many others I truly believe that he got what he deserved. I was going to work on my house this weekend but now I think I'll be watching all the video's I've missed in the last 6 months. Peace to all.


SUPER G said....  

Don, Where's the cat?

RagnarTheET said....  

Cant you poison the ducks with the rat poison? I would be worried about that. Get a pellet gun, kills rats and the ducks wont be startled.

dorbie said....  

You could go on that radio show and say exactly what you just said Don. Yea you have to walk on egg shells because people look for something to be outraged at, and the audience would not be as friendly as this site, so maybe it's not worth the hassle and risk of saying that on radio. You could also promote your own charity and what you do for wounded veterans. It's also worth considering that this might be an ambush. Maybe Cryer will get on there, that's perhaps paranoid but they're really that dumb.