Peacock shit and sushi

The peacocks have taken over the porch but the impound looks great




When i was a kid i would lash my .22 to the cross bar on my bicycle and ride through the city out to the farm in Litchfield to shoot squirrels and marmots for the bounty the Colby's would pay. Those critters lay waste to squash fields. No one ever gave me a second look. I forget how far it was, 10, 12 miles. From Manchester to Litchfield. No one else in my family had or shot guns. I was taught by the NRA, WWII vets taught gun handling, marksmanship, great guys. Today ...we have more people, less training and then there is the crazy factor. I loved being on small bore and big bore teams, competing. A firearm can do nothing...people can be crazy, stupid, careless....



Diane my girls and I love your accent! Screw the hater's



Diane every yankee guy loves to hear a sweet southern girl speak. Don't give in to the haters. You're a lovely well spoken woman.



I love to listen to You , you sound like home.



You cant listen or pay attention to people that talk about a southern accent!! It sounds just fine! I can understand every word, like the phony yall busted that said Loretta Lynn??! I talk on the phone for a living and every yankee I talk to says they love listening to me talk! Its MS accent cause I live in Ms! Raised here and never left. Not much difference in TN and MS accents. They just didnt have anything else to comment on.. to hell with You Tube anyway, you cant say or do anything without them taking it down or block n your channel. Those ISIS Fucktards can post whatever they want but we cant talk about a gun on there... ok, theres problems there! Keep the videos coming, you have twice the supports as you do negitive feed back

Steve UK


Hey Diane, for my ears here in the UK, you talk like an angel. All those guy's who give negative feed-back have low self-esteem. I find it disturbing how many Americans online like to post derogatory comments about women/men/blacks/whites/gays/etc. They have no real grievance with anybody but they just want to get a reaction from someone. Give them no airtime on your site and they will go away, by acknowledging their existence you give them a feeling of self-worth.



Booked 01/02/2018 offense date 01/13/2013, looks like Mr. Garber's past is coming back to haunt him.



Walter Wilkinson Garber is still at it, busted for harassment this year, enjoy:



Christianity was taken out of school so long ago that now even the teachers weren't exposed to it. Whether you believe in God or not His teachings cause people to think twice before they act or speak. Before, only the dyed-in-the-wool cocksuckers would wantonly defy God's word. Now it's "cool" to be a piece of shit. This includes the bullies including the coaches who apparently gave this kid endless shit. Of course, his parents are probably most to blame. Who would let their kid dress like that and go to school that way without seeing something was wrong?  Also, the Bolshevik Revolution requires that this be talked about nonstop so that maybe they can get enough sheep to agree to disarmament.  You can't have a Communist tyranny with all those armed slaves now can you?  The Commies are doubling down because Trump and Co are about to yank them up trees.




I understand every word you say Dianne. I am from Illinois, but I stayed down here on the Mississippi gulf coast after the Navy and married me a southern girl. Ain't nothing like it. And they have a pretty thick accent here too. Just keep on keepin on.


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