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One more Madore and Diane wants to pet a Pony.

May 14th, 2016 
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One more Madore and Diane wants to pet a Pony. Many thanks for the support.


Kary Jo avatar
Kary Jo said....  

Years of memories in Chesapeak. Hard to leave it behind. Happy that you'll be leaving the stress. New memories to be made soon.

Kary Jo avatar
Kary Jo said....  

Yes, I like to see you busting on the phone from your new home. Much better for your health. Just saying. :)

Whoa avatar
Whoa said....  

I can't see how the phone calls are more popular than the up close, the phone call is almost impersonal. My understanding was that the $10 per month was based on expenses incurred for travel, hotels, cars, etc. I also understand completely that one's health is a top priority. There has to be a balance somewhere here, I'm positive I'm not alone in being surprised to hear this.

Michele  avatar
Michele said....  

Pony Penning Day!! Wonderful event!! I think the money goes to the local fire company if I remember correctly... The movie about Misty is my all time favorite as a child and still to this day!!

Teufel Hunden avatar 05/17/2016

Teufel Hunden replied....

That’s correct, the volunteer fire department runs the pony swim in July and a carnival in Aug to raise funds. I know several folks who purchased ponies, he just roams the field with the other guys, mean SOB.

Hmmft avatar
Hmmft said....  

Gonna have to hire a professional bird cleaner to clean, package, label, freeze, and ship all of the goods. I've done that..good job for a young dude. .25 per pheasant, duck, and grouse. .50 for geese and I think a dollar for a swan. Plucking cost an extra dollar I think.

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