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While going to the store for the boss,I noticed the neighbor and her son doing some carpentry. What got my attention was how he threw his framing square down after using it. I asked if he would be able to walk if someone threw him down like he did to the square. I informed him it was probably not square any longer. I volunteered to check it for him when I returned from the store. (The boss always comes first) After a lesson on checking and trueing a framing square his mother thanked me. He was still trying to figure out how I stretched the metal just by center punching it. Dad is gone and he needs a thump once in a while but generally a good kid. I left with a invite to ask questions and if I didn't know the answer I'd find someone who did know. I also advised him to treat his dads tools with a little more kindness and they will most likely work the next time he needs them. Neighborly duties done for the day


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Logged in to Steam last night after a 6 year absence. The guard wouldn't let me in since I couldn't remember my email address used years ago to start my membership. After trading a few messages back and forth they gave in. Rooster's back keep your heads down!


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Tri-Tip! Yayyyy!
Currently thawing, then cold smoke for 2-3 hours in hickory pellets, then vacuum bagged with rosemary, thyme, and garlic. Sous Vide Bath for 3 hours at 129 (Rare-medium rare), and then Flamethrown for a bark. This will be my family's dinner meat tonight, with enough leftover tri-tip to make lunches for the rest of the week for my wife! Still have eight Tri-Tips in the freezer, bought on sales under $3/lb! One of my favorites, and buy whenever they are on deep sale!
Evil is delayed until about 1600 arrival here, so pics will probably be in the live video!


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Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube