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NEW Phony SOON, a Good One, and a Trip to the Impounds.

October 01st, 2016 
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NEW Phony SOON and a Trip to the Impounds. Many thanks FOR THE Support...


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Krump said....  

yeah thats true! No one can understand this side effect of subordinate for realising that he is a liar. But the vet call the right number.

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Mkelly13 said....  

Trailcams look like they're doing well. Got some great critters up there!

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Capgun said....  

Don I don't think that any group will even care, if they get anything on the hunts or not. I think, they will just be super happy, to hang out with you, Diane, and other wounded vets, on that beautiful piece of property you've worked so hard on. Thank you for sharing it all with us, your loyal subscribers.

Off topic. My father was drafted in 1956. He wanted to enlist in the Navy. But, the recruiter was out to lunch. So, he went next door to the Air Force recruiter instead, lol. Figures though. His first love were boats. His second were airplanes.

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Harvey Wallbanger  avatar
Harvey Wallbanger said....  

How did the new phony seal child sex offender Douglas Doria video make it onto youtube first?

JulieO avatar 10/06/2016

JulieO replied....

Harvey, Douglas Doria was posted on this site late last year. You can check the date by searching his name up in the search box, upper right corner. It will come up. Don puts old videos on YouTube to keep the phonys' names out there, and to attract new viewers. 

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Lance Wessling
Harvey Wallbanger  avatar 10/07/2016

Harvey Wallbanger replied....

Was just curious. It looked like a video shot at his new home. Perhaps I am mistaken. Apologies

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Wig Wags said....  


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