You are here - New Cameras and a Deer Hunt with Steven. No Deer today. Hopefully tomorrow...

New Cameras and a Deer Hunt with Steven. No Deer today. Hopefully tomorrow...

September 22nd, 2017 
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New Cameras and a Deer Hunt with Steven. No Deer today. Hopefully tomorrow... Many thanks for the SUPPORT.


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Scipio92 said....  

Dear Don and Diane, just to let you know that prayers for your strength endurance and healing are being ardently proffered from across the pond in England. I do hope that one day soon, when the deranged maniac is behind bars, then you make it to these shores where we can attempt to give you some of that five star hospitality that you have been lavishing on your guests for decades. Fair winds and flowing sheets be with you. Huge hug

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EFD620 said....  

How would someone go about creating a petition to sign on line. To let the NFL know just how many people want this shit to end. To advise the prima donnas to find a more acceptable way to show their misfortune. A way that does not denegrate the people that gave them the right to publicly make fools of themselves. Any ideas out there. It's long past the time for talking; it's time to "do" something,more than just bitching about it.

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JimmyTwoTimes said....  

Boycott the NFL. hit 'em where it hurts. in the wallet. I'm tired of the race baiting by these millionaire pansies and bosses afraid to stand up to their players as long as the money rolls in. no one gives a fuck about your perceived oppression because it doesn't exist. stick their tender little asses in a hot humvee in a hostile country for a tour of duty. make 'em be a cop in Detroit for a year. let them deal with the shit. see how quickly their over-inflated egos self correct.

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ToddMM2 avatar 09/23/2017

ToddMM2 replied....

What's fucked up is their kneeling accomplishes absolutely nothing. If they really wanted to do something they would pool their millions of dollars and help rebuild the urban areas, or build some businesses and create more jobs. But that would be too much work. Much easier to just sit on their asses. I won't attend a game, and I refuse to watch them. As the networks continue to lose millions in advertising money, because people aren't watching, and trickles down to salaries in years to come, I'll bet they'll stop trying to politicize something that doesn't exist.

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JimmyTwoTimes, DanO, EFD620
Marsh avatar 09/24/2017

Marsh replied....

Im with you Todd.

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DanO said....  

Touches pas à mon chapelet!!!
Touches pas à mon chapelet!!!

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DanO said....  

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