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Losing our minds

May 03rd, 2017 
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We are getting old and losing our minds with Phonys
and hole digging dogs


Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Im still waiting for a FAN Party at the Shipleys!

Sparks avatar
Sparks said....  

Hey Diane and Don, be careful with the Guinea hens, if you have foxes or fishers around there, they will decimate them in no time. A good friend of mine had 15 of them and they were gone in about 3 months.

tommyguns avatar
tommyguns said....  

Little bastards, but they are so cute...Diane, you have the most infectious you both, loved the video.

Bush avatar
Bush said....  

If you plant it again try spreading pepper on it when your finished. Sounds silly but it worked for me.

Stan avatar
Stan said....  

One way to keep the Pomeranians out of the flower beds is an electric fence, it worked with the two Rottweiler`s we had years ago, we planted a garden only to find holes 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep in several spots. As the shade moved they would dig a new hole. Finally took the box blade on the tractor to fill in the holes and started over with the garden after we put electric fence up, 2 wires 6 and 16 inches high. I also broke up some ground in the shade they could dig all they wanted.

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