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Last Parachute Jump for Steve and I Scald Steve with Chicken and Dumplings.

October 28th, 2016 
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Last Parachute Jump for Steve and I Scald Steve with Chicken and Dumplings.  Many THANKS for the Support...


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Hogan said....  

Talk about sucky food, C RATS all the salt, tobasco dont put a dent in that shit...

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Sparks said....  

Try the late 80's early 90's MRE's... the pork pattie sucked (freeze dried)! My first MRE on a march in was frankfurter and bean component..wasn't too shabby.... NMCB 40.

ROFFO avatar
ROFFO said....  

Steve should buy a lottery ticket..

doesyourdogbite avatar
doesyourdogbite said....  

Anyone interested in military ration history, and sampling the old and new, check out this interesting channel:

Hosenfeld avatar
Hosenfeld said....  

The MREs in the 90s were awful. Take a main meal (if it was worth a damn) and save it. Everything else was hit or miss. The packets that had the tabasco sauce in it were good. M&Ms were there to remind you that candy existed somewhere in the world, but the ones in your MRE usually tasted like chalk. Tootsie rolls were good but you could use them as a tent stake (if you had the luxury of sleeping in a tent). The chicken and rice was good (#11). The beef stew was edible (#2) with hot sauce. The tuna with noodles was ass and so was the omelet with ham. I still have nightmares about those two. Awful. You sure learned to be creative in mixing some ingredients together to make something different. Good times.

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phony hater avatar 10/29/2016

phony hater replied....

wife would: mix the hot chocolate & peanut butter and a little bit of water, steer it up to make something someone might consider it eatable. I only liked the turkey dinners. thats it. i would trade or barter or steal for that one.

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physicsfaith avatar 10/29/2016

physicsfaith replied....

I have to disagree with the Chicken and Rice. That stuff was so dry you had to drink a canteen of water with it to choke it down!

I recall a Cherry and Nut dessert bar that was ok.

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Jpbrady87 avatar 10/31/2016

Jpbrady87 replied....

Phony hater your wife is a badass...I believe that's called Ranger pudding lol

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