Javaspice said....  

Hey everyone! I'm settled in a hotel in Oregon after a great trip with my daughter down the Alaska Canadian highway. Supposed to be 110 here today so I'm nestled in catching up on the videos. Cheers!

Joe45014 said....  

We have 5 large dogs, a small farm and a full time home in a suburb, and we use an invisible fence, and they really DO work. First off, you have to KEEP the dog's neck shaved, and the collar must make good contact in that area. The company comes out, installs the fence, "flags" the yard/area, and you walk the dog to the flagged line over a few weeks, removing a few flags every few days until all the flags are gone, and the dog has learned where the line is. I have seen mine at a full run after another dog, and come to a sliding stop before crossing that line. The training is VITAL. The dog will not accept the shock IF you have the neck shaved, and the collar is set at an appropriate level. He gets a warning beep, then a shock. Even at a run, that warning beep WILL stop him. The people you hear saying the dog runs right over it, yelps and keeps going, well they haven't properly trained the dog, and probably have the collar loose and the neck not shaved. The training is vital, but you NEVER have to repeat it. Just NEVER force the dog over the line. Put him in a car, remove the collar, and drive him over, but DO NOT drag him across because the collar is off and that is what you need to do at the time. You have to think about it, but its not complicated. No one here has dogs that are any wilder than mine. I have five, three of them exceed 100 pounds. I even had the back yard and fenced yards done to prevent them digging along the fence or jumping over. The ones you buy to do yourself suck. Throw it away, bite the bullet and spend $1500-$2000 having a professional installation done. That or eventually your dog will get shot on someone else's land, or hit by a car, or worse, frighten a kid into traffic and you end up being sued. I have used invisible fence for over a decade, and it works PERFECTLY. As time goes on the dogs stop reacting the same to what is BEYOND the line, and they can develop boundary aggression, in other words become defensive about what crosses that invisible line. SOME things are worth the money, and THIS IS ONE OF THEM. You just have to take it seriously for a few weeks, and keep the neck trimmed and replace the battery when it flashes.


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for all us old card players


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since Don mentioned poor hearing


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Dawn's beater work car. Actually she traded the kids cars so they could use her van for a road trip. A V-6 Camaro that gets 18-20 mpg not on my wish list. Brothers SS gets that and GOES FAST