Hogan said....  

I am an have always been a middle of the road man. Between the media ( conservative, liberal) politicians with personal innuendo. The divide has grown ever since Walter Kronkite decided he had the stroke to publicly deride the war in Vietnam Nam. The media has moved from news to opinion. I dont need any on television to tell me who the bad actors are, im a pretty smart guy. I know who to dislike. I agree that teachers who wantto carry a fire arm, have demonstrated the ability, judgement, should be allowed to do so.

CrocodileDunny said....  

Crazy to want to arm teachers. But America is a crazy place. Im not in the US so I dont have a cock in the fight but it seems crazy to me. Hope things get better...

CrocodileDunny said....  

I live alone with my dog and I cant look in the direction of the kitchen without my dog manipulating me to open the fridge for a piece of cheese. Hes a clever boy and I cant help but spoilt him. A dog is truely the elixir to life. (What ever that means haha)

Mkelly13 said....  

Good thoughts Senior. Training would be key. High quality training and Im on board with you. I agree about the LEA response...thats gong to be hard to live with. Get in, get it done.

SUPER G said....  

Maybe a gun locker with some bigger heat. Those local cops were non factors and should lose their jobs. What if it happens again, there ? I love law enforcement.... the ones that try to protect us. Nice vid.