You are here - I DO NOT LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC and a Phony SEAL Testicle Biter.

I DO NOT LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC and a Phony SEAL Testicle Biter.

July 19th, 2018 
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I DO NOT LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC and A Phony SEAL Testicle Biter. Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...


Bignevermo  avatar
Bignevermo said....  

I had a sister who was in hospital that was hallucinating... too much CO2..

Steve UK avatar
Steve UK said....  

Don, that is not country music. Billy Ray Cyrus is as country as Justin Beiber, I am from the UK. LOL and i can't abide either of them.

Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

NOTE WEBSITE MEMBERS: Correct my if i'm wrong, but between 6:12 & 6:17 in this video timeline, I swear I hear a Submarine Ping? ...... Members, Please turn up the volume and see if you hear what I hear? ....... Is It Me Hearing Things?

Ronster avatar 07/22/2018

Ronster replied....

I heard it as well

Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Today's so called country music isn't really country at all, it's more POP than anything else! ..... It takes true talent to write, sing, live and perform Country music, today's Pop Country music is the game of "Just Another Pretty Face" or Sex Symbol that isn't tone deaf..... Today's country is just Disco slowed way down low...... As you know, I've been personal security for just about every music entertainer out there, and even the country music legends can't stand today's So Called Country Pop music.... RIP COUNTRY MUSIC.

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SamH avatar
SamH said....  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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