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Dumbass cant drive and a chat with Jan T

May 30th, 2018 
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Don nearly kills us and we talk to our subscriber Jan T


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lori said....  

Hi Janice! It was great hearing about your life and philosophies- "remote control" LOL ( Agreed) Girl Power
I appreciate your words of encouragement to me.

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heather said....  

I love you guys!

Bullshitter avatar
Bullshitter said....  

Thanks for calling Janice I love this new aspect of the site, putting the pictures up was a plus...face to name. I hope she continues to do well with her little tea cup dog.

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Scooby avatar
Scooby said....  

Great interview Diane and thank you Janice for sharing a bit about your life. I do hope you're doing well.

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Sarge said....  

Senior and Diane, I am going to try to finalize a trip that will take me and my son from Florida to Ohio to see family and then to the Baltimore area and possibly your neck of Maryland at the end of the month or the first week in July if that is alright with you all for us to show up and meet and greet with you, if you don't have room no worries we can make arrangements to stay else where.

Let me know what dates are good for you all to have us and if you can't a date were we just do like a said a meet and greet

Darrin aka Sarge

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