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Dumb Ass Boat Guys...

November 14th, 2018 
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Dumb Ass Boat Guys... Many Thanks For The Support...


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Steve said....  

WTF, how can you sleep with all that noise. That’s insane.

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Sarge said....  

I met a guy whom claimed to be a SWCC and he made the one mistake of asking if I was in the Military and he either was blind as a bat or just f'n stupid because I have Florida Army tags on my truck and a pair of dolphins in the back glass along with an Army retired sticker, funny thing as soon as I mentioned that he did the whole I was in the Navy and I said cool thank you for your service and when I asked him what he did he tried the whole macho I was a Special Warfare Combat Crewmember I just smiled and said so your a swicky huh? I was in submarines as a Torpedoman and retired from the Army as a Senior Air member on AH-64D's. So any way this dumbass rents me a car trailer with a bent tounge on it and I told him point blank that was not the same trailer that I had used the week prior, so anyways I bring the trailer back after having issues with it pulling my truck toward the ditch.. On closer look on the hitch the tounge was bent pretty good and there was a couple of red X's on it which means don't let anyone use it until fixed, me pissed??? sure however I just let it go like water off of a ducks back and kept pushing forward with my day

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AirborneLibrarian avatar
AirborneLibrarian said....  

I do not understand, and never have understood, why someone who served legitimately as a SWCC person wouldn't just be proud of that for what it is. Why is SWCC not a great thing to be? Why is ANY legitimate military service of any kind not something to be proud of, if one did it? If you served honorably, be proud of that.

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AgentArcher said....  

Yea, I cant stand SWCC--were training them and they would always label themselves in public as naval special opertors or shit along that line, but the funny thing is, when we asked how hard their training was, in comaprison to SEAL, they said just as hard, maybe guy said 90 percent attrition rate in his class.. we were internally laughing.

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bridgechief avatar 11/18/2018

bridgechief replied....

Them and SEAL's are labeled as Naval Special Warfare, so they are not that far off saying that. The Navy has NSW and then they have what is called NSO (Naval Special Operations) and that is EOD and Navy Divers also AIRR (Air SAR swimmers not the Ship guys)

This is some of the problem, because those GRPs can say they are some kind of Navy Special operations and people take it the wrong way, but the member needs to say, no I am not a SEAL.

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$hit River Sailor said....  

You east coast guys need to send that snow MY way. Deer season starts for me on Saturday morning so I'm headed north to the command center. I also just bought a "new"(to me) 2015 Arctic Cat XF9000 which is the most powerful sled out of the factory pushing 177hp from an 1100cc Turbo. Only had 687 miles on it and was owned by a friend of a friend who rode it only one year before being injured at work. Anyhoo...I'll gladly take any snow you don't want!lol!

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