Dagwood said....  

Merle Haggard's the Fugitive is a good ole tune.....

Rando The Mando said....  

You guys are such a blessing to so many people! Its nice to see genuinely kind people these days like you both!

US INFANTRY-Hound Dog- said....  

Forgot to post finals. Congrats to the Rangers


SittingElf said....  

ATTENTION ALL MILITARY RETIREES!! Last night, the Medical Group that my wife commands held a Medical Town Hall Meeting here on Tinker AFB. The subject matter is critical information for not only active duty, but for retirees as well. The Tricare Retired Dental Plan ENDS on 31 Dec this year. It will be replaced by the Federal Employee plans known as FEDVIP. There is a TIGHT enrollment period between Nov 12th and Dec 10th to enroll in the new Dental Plan. In addition, there will be a new Vision Plan available under FEDVIP for both Retirees and Active Duty Families. The Video below is of the Town Hall Meeting, and there is a lot of information not specific to Tinker only, but is information for ALL. I'm the videographer...LOL! There is a Q&A period that may have questions that some of you may be asking as well. I had a part in the Meeting on stage..and if you want to see an ugly old guy trying have a stage presence, skip to 27:00 in the video where I take over for a bit to explain the FEDVIP program and how to compare plans! (The Active Duty folks didn't want to present this info for fear of being accused of undue influence). Watch it, and I'd be happy to get answers for you if you have any. Cheers!!

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube


JimmyTwoTimes said....  

Pre-Cal exam 2 @ 1600. 75% ready. next time 100%. Jimmy’s gotta study 2.5 hrs/day. get your ass on that boy.