Don is disappointed

Its been a rough few days around here and Senior needs to vent




After what Bernath put Diane through whoever this person was who attacked a phonies wife should had known better. Like Don said Wives and children are off limits I agree 100



Well said!!! Absolutely, and thank you for being a man and not afraid to step out and say whats right! Diane is a very lucky woman!




right on Don!



Same Guy's are just Stupid, that's all.



I am a bit behind and catching up on the videos as I was under the weather.. I love Don's commentary here. CHIVALRY is not dead!



I have had numerous young, attractive female employees, and not ONCE, NEVER ONCE have I been inappropriate. I open doors, lend a hand, and if I see you trying to do something unwanted to a female, I'll be involved right up to your neck in whatever is happening. I don't know if I was raised that way exactly, I don't recall being sat down and told, but men protect women. NO, I am not the guy who runs into a strip club and throws my coat over a dancer, but you grab or hurt one and I'll be between you and her in a nanosecond. These days I wouldn't be THERE anyway, when I was a kid I went to places like that, but not for more than a few decades now. I've been married 26 years, and WHO I AM is "Husband & Father." That is my identity. What kind of husband or father could stand by and watch someone go after a female? NO ONE disagrees more with Hillary's politics than I do, but HYPOTHETICALLY if she's being jumped on, and her security are not there, I assure you the old fat bastard is going to get off his humor FAST. I don't care who, I don't care why. Men protect women, period. I've heard guys say that if you try to be chivalrous today women will get mad, but I have never seen it, and I am going on 50 years now. If an attractive woman were to yank off her top and say: "I want you to grab them" BOB MUNDEN'S hands have never moved as fast as mine would, assuming the setting allows for it, she's NOT an employee and she's making her own decision. I say that because I don't want to sound like a Ward Cleaver, because I am not. Its not something easily defined, but I KNOW what is right and what is wrong, and going after women is wrong. Making them fearful is WRONG. I'm not a tough guy, not a badass, nor am I a saint. But no one has had to tell me right from wrong in a hell of a long time, and going after a woman because you don't like her husband? That is unmanly, low, pathetic and weak.

Red h


One thing I need to say senior chief... AMEN!




I agree with you Senior totally. I have always respected women during and after my Navy career. I have a higher respect for single mothers who's children once grown as living proof how good of a parent their Mother was. I never put myself in an embarrassing position while in the Navy when it came to my women professionals. Thank God, my late Mother and Father must have done something right!




Hello Everyone,

I rarely post on here, but I'm glad that Don decided to make this video. Everyone on here, for the most part, is usually very respectful in the comments and in general. I still proudly support this website and the cause, monthly. Make a long story short, I'm glad Don made this video. Don & family have values that I can very much relate too. Keep kicking ass, Senior and you fully have my support. Good day to all here!





I don't often say much on here, very seldom actually, Senior Chief I could not agree with you more wholeheartedly. I don't tell too much of myself, only cause I let my actions and life do the telling for me. I barely made it alive when I was born, I have had adversities while growing up. I have been a Christian since I was Eight, Joined Demolay Int. at age 13 and dubbed a knight of the Order in 2001, Joined the military August 20th, 2003, Served Four tours in Iraq, Two tours consecutively each. I joined Freemasonry and Raised a Master Mason in September of 2007. Point is, with my past and all I have done, I find Sexist, Misogynists, & Miscreants appalling and atrocious. I become nauseated and enraged when having to hear about or listen to one twat on while having to keep from going 'Hulk vs Loki'. I have always maintained a sense of discipline and integrity in being a subordinate as well as a leader. I don't watch a whole lot of actual television just for the reason a lot of what is on today is either a hidden agenda or a twisted dialog. To put out right, The persistent stupification and numification of our nation. I knew what I signed up for, I just wasn't ready for protecting the pitfalls of Our Nation.