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Don gets hate mail and kodas in lockdown

July 31st, 2017 
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Don pisses off a Phony and Kodas in Maximum Security


TECHNICIAN said....  

It's fine Don. When I was a young rookie cop and hadn't quite learned the ropes yet, I was called asshole, dickead, jerkoff, dumbfuck and just about every name under the sun just about every day on the street. You get used to it.

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ShelbyKR said....  

Our GSD "Roush" and Queensland Heeler "Shelby" would run the neighbors and my fence and try to fight with the neighbor's dogs. They tore up the ground and the last straw happened when Shelby got bit through the fence. $1800 emergency vet bill to sew her lower lip back together.

I put an invisible fence up to keep the dogs 5 feet from the fence. It works, but the first zap on Shelby she wanted nothing to do with that hot zone. Roush on the other hand ran into the zone, started yipping and running in circles for a good 30 seconds, just getting shocked.

Once it stopped, he ran back into the house and right into his kennel and he hid in it for a while.

Now they run back and forth just out of the hot zone and bark at the neighbor dogs.

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TheOsprey said....  

Dogs hang themselves all the time with collars. I don't have collars for my dogs either.

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Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line
Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line

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JulieO avatar 08/02/2017

JulieO replied....

That whole album is terrific.

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JimmyTwoTimes said....  

I helped deliver a baby girl to the world today. Sella Reneé. 6lbs 11oz. 19". 2:45pm. Jenny went into full labor when we were at Cabella's of all places. when we got to the hospital by ambulance she was already dilated to a 10. she came that close to giving birth in the ambulance. 20 minutes later and after 3 full pushes this baby girl decided to meet the world. holding mom's hand and one of her legs back to put her in delivery position and watching her take her first breath. what a thrill. I cut the cord on a new life.

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Zitsky avatar 08/01/2017

Zitsky replied....

Awesome, JTT!

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Karen avatar 08/01/2017

Karen replied....

That's wonderful news. Hope Mom and baby are well. Great story to end my day. Thanks for sharing!

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Steph avatar 08/01/2017

Steph replied....


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Jan T avatar 08/01/2017

Jan T replied....

Good for you James. You done good and so did Mama. Congratulations to you all.

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JimmyTwoTimes avatar 08/01/2017

JimmyTwoTimes replied....

it took us by complete surprise. she wasn't due for three weeks. we were eating lunch at Cabella's before going back to work. I was the only one in delivery. her parents got there about 30 minutes later and dad couldn't get there for a couple of hours. I'm gathering up things for everybody and driving back to the hospital. it's gonna be a late night. 

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redman, Tradevman, bobbyd AMS1
bobbyd AMS1 avatar 08/02/2017

bobbyd AMS1 replied....

How exciting congratulations. My wife gave birth to 5 beautiful babys four in the hospital one at our cabin in the mountians. 3 girls 2 boys in that order. I cut the cord on all 5 nothing quite as exciting. I passout on the first one, they had to roll a gerney in for me. The sight of a baby being born is extreme. Films can't expose birth for what it is. Without a dought the most amazing thing I ever experienced. God Bless women for having that responsibility

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