MYKELL said....  

No Way am I Leaving this site Don I'm a member for life to Extreme SEAL Experience. F**k bernathy he'll get his in the end!!! The Ultimate Badass DON SHIPLEY HOOOOAH !!!!


Sgt. Pop said....  

I know y'all have to go this course mostly alone, but you have a lot of backup and many of us that wish we could help shoulder some of the burden. Just remember should the need arise, "and let slip the dogs of war". My middle name is "dpg" and I bet I got a bunch o kin on this web site......

CWilson said....  

Okay, I am not sure where to start, but I would like to contact Senior Chief via email if possible. I work for a Seed Company and we sell a variety of seeds (from grass seed, to cover crops, to food plots). I would like to send him some food plots to use. Also, I would like more information on the charity. My wife and I like to donate money to various charities, and I am obviously interested in helping them. If he reads this and can access my profile, then I would love to get an email. It's something that has been weighing on me over the weekend. Like I mentioned before it is more than just listening to him bust phonies. I really love what the Shipleys are all about.

smitty said....  

Don I stand with you.Diane and you are people of honor.I hold the both of you in high esteem.If you called upon me for help I would be on my way,and a lot of other people would do the same.Do not not ever feel that I will look down on you and Diane for taking a stand and then venting .I try to put some funny stuff in the comments to put some humor into it.God may have put you into this place so you could stop B*#@!!! so he will never be able to hurt anyone else.David took on Goliath with a sling and a rock.I don't know about you but I would have been shitting myself as I was spinning that rock around my head.Just like any good fight never show your fear or give up and put as much pain on the other guy as you can,9 times out of 10 they don't come back for round 2.CWilson is right on a lot of people out in the hinder land love you both.Thank you for loving us back.Now I'll have my good cry and have my wife hold me and tell me it's OK Don&Diane made the bad guy go away SGT.Smitty out.


CWilson said....  

You know I started out by listening to phony seal of the week on youtube. It was just something to have in the background as I worked on various spreadsheets and reconciliations (I am an Accountant by trade). However, as I listened, I became more than a fan. Much like a lot of subscribers Don and Diane have become friends (not in a creepy I think they are really my friends). They share so much of themselves on this website, that it truly becomes difficult to not want to do something about these horrible people. I am not going to give them the satisfactions of stating their names here (we all know who they are). Don and Diane, if you do read through these. Please know, that there are many of us out here that think the world of you. Your abilities to not just tell stories, but share your amazing lives is something that is deeply appreciated by me, and I am sure several others here.