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Don and the dogs

October 22nd, 2016 
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Just a typical day with Don and the pups 


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Sharon said....  

I LOVE all dogs but these 2 are especially cute! I somehow missed the story about what happened to Moodge(sp?) He looked like a fantastic guy too!

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Bigboy said....  

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bridgechief said....  

We need to remember all the conflicts and actions our troops have been through and this is one that is forgotten from time to time. The sad thing is we have troops down range involved in almost the same type mission. My very first Squad Leader (SQD Ldr) was there to clean up after the bombing, and build up Force Protection Postures, at all the sites. The thing people think about Beirut is the Bombing and that was just part of it, they would take IDF and small arms fire all the time. This is for all the Marines thank you and S/F.

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Lotta Biltmore avatar 10/28/2016

Lotta Biltmore replied....

God bless the Marines. They get put in some gnarly places. Chuck was a corpsman deployed with the marines. In Mogadishu Operation Restore Hope. What a cf . We should not put our troops in harms way unless they can take out the bad actors. Should not be terrorist bait. Take the fight to them or stay out of these messes. In Remembrance, may God bless and keep them all.

Ricky avatar 11/01/2016

Ricky replied....

Walt Wint, RIP

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Yosemite Sam said....  

@edso pic of the ones down in the gulf little different 

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PARANAH said....  

Less than a Hundred years ago Women weren't allowed to VOTE and now one is running for President, ( I am sorry it is a Clinton) But This is who we are! We are a Progressive Nation! I wanted Sandra Day O'Conner (not to be confused with Doris Day) " God bless America" and all of Her Friends!!!!

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