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Don and Diane yackathon

November 27th, 2017 
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Just a typical Monday around the farm as Don and Diane prepare for an invasion of guest
at Warriors Rest


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Steph said....  

Looking relaxed and happy there!! Yeah!!!!

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Jaybird said....  

Wonderful update! I have come to love these as much as anything on the site. It is very encouraging to hear good things going on, and all done with wit, humor, and love. Wish there were more like you in this world! Thank you for taking the time to do these; I really appreciate watching and listening. I hope all continues to roll along smoothly without jerk off-types trying to jam you up.

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Jim said....  

Hello from Wicomico County. I'm a subscriber. I have a farm with a gun range and a pond we goose hunt. You're welcome to come out anytime. Feel free to email me at

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phony hater said....  

you all will not believer this. a gay Nativity seen in Calif. and, they did it to piss off Christians

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PARANAH said....  

Just checked, Dallas is still in, Needs $10,500 CASH to get out. The release date is February 15, 2018, but there might be another hold from a different Jurisdiction.

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phony hater avatar 11/28/2017

phony hater replied....

cool, keep us informed plz

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Edso, Simon77, robbie574, Guitarpicker
 Edso avatar 11/28/2017

Edso replied....

Does Joe Cryer get an orange jumpsuit soon?

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Simon77, robbie574
Simon77 avatar 11/28/2017

Simon77 replied....

Thanks for the update, at a personal level I could care less what happens to B* and W* ... it is just that when they are out they do a lot of damage and it is nice to know that the BS has stopped.

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Steph, oneslip, robbie574, Edso, Guitarpicker

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