Perfect song for the occasion...

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RobG said....  

Oh boy, what a mess

2minutes2midnight said....  

Pepe' le Coda

Cranky Old Veteran, JD said....  

I have enough dogs and experience with skunks so that our house has a special ammo can with "The Skunk Kit" and this is to keep my small army of Black Dogs properly recovered after interaction with a creature with swamp spray.

The key is to wipe to waxy goo off right away, in my kit I use rubber gloves and 5x7 index cards to get the goo off of them ASAP, as seconds and minutes matter.

I then dust them with baking soda and hunt for places where there may still be the oil/wax, converting the black dogs, into grey dogs. Once the dog(s) is(are) dry and covered in baking soda, I wash well with J&J Baby Shampoo, and a Hydrogen Peroxide/Baking soda combination, but I use 1% Peroxide and nothing stronger.

I then blow dry, brush fully and repeat.

If there is a residual, I rinse with vinegar, and then comb in olive oil as this helps to protect their coat.

I size the kit with one ammo kit, per 100 pounds of dog.

I also use 2 one liter bottles of sterile saline to rinse their eyes (first) to preserve their vision, and I do not use a shampoo more powerful then J&J Baby Shampoo, but Dawn is a second good choice.

The key it to get the oil/wax from the skunk out off of them ASAP and to flush the eyes with a liter each.

I do not towel draw, but rather use a blow dryer and brush as this will pull up the oils better and towel drying tends to drive it in deeper.

This process also works well when children get sprayed with a skunk.

Sparks said....  

Sorry Don and Diane, but watching you guys is funnier than hell.. Thanks!