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Dogs Diving for Oysters

March 14th, 2017 
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The dogs are covered in yuk and Bernath sues us again


Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

Not spoiled at all!

ROFFO avatar
ROFFO said....  

Now I have seen it t all 2 dogs in a bloody spa Beth.

That's some funny stuff.

SubSKC724 avatar
SubSKC724 said....  

What a waste of time. Bernath suing because you used his mug shot? All you have to do is do an Internet search for it and it's easily found. Sure hope that if the lawsuit goes to a judge they throw it out for how stupid of a reason it is. Sure glad you started this video with a little humor. Dogs in a jacuzzi tub? Never seen that one before. Keep up the fight. Good luck.

Hmmft avatar
Hmmft said....  

i wish i could have recorded my reaction to the first few minutes of this encounter. Men don't want easy..if they're men. That's why he may have picked the one chick on some stupid ass show. I don't blame you though for not wanting to watch it again! I find myself, when i watch these videos, having the same physical reaction as Don.

marsh avatar
marsh said....

Hold your beloved dogs a little closer tonight, and please say a prayer for this little one. May she recover and find a loving home where no one will ever hurt her again.

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tommyguns avatar 03/16/2017

tommyguns replied....

Oh my God,that just broke my heart, mental illness or not, that girl needs to go to jail for this...but she won't.

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