marsh said....  

This morning I arrived at the barn to find poor little Jackie standing in the lot all alone and looking very pitiful. When I asked her what was wrong she said "there's nothing good to eat in the lot, and she can plainly see a bag of plain carrots in my hand, instead of the carrots with green tops that I knew she wanted. I pointed out that the horses were in the lot too, because they're all getting a little chubby. She said she's filing another complaint, and in addition, she's filing a petition to become an emancipated donkey. I said that's fine, but that would mean she would have to feed her own self.

She thought about that for a minute, and then said that perhaps she was being a little hasty, and she would table that idea for awhile. But, she added she was going to redouble her efforts at pouting, looking pitiful, and standing forlornly in the corner of the lot, because then maybe she could, persuade the neighbors to bring her some of the afore mentioned carrots.

I pointed out that she had eaten 3 of the regular carrots, and the horses had only gotten one each. She said that was as it should be because for starters she's Jackie, and furthermore she does me an immeasurable service everyday by making sure I never run out of things to do, idle hands being the Devils workshop.

What would I do without her....


Bosun said....  

Happy birthday US Navy


AT3 said....  

Happy Birthday Navy ........ 241st


phony hater said....  

I heard today that Yoko Ono ( or however she spells it) wife of John Lennon, was very intimate with hillery R. in the 1970's in NYC when she was in college. so, it started very early in her life, rebelling against the MAN.


phony hater said....  

for all you voters this Nov. choose wisely
here is what you may look at the next 4 yrs, or even 8 yrs!
top pair, or the bottom pair.
for me, I think one pair is about the most revolting looking mother / daughter EVER!!!!!!