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Dianes Hot Flashes just got worse

August 26th, 2016 
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Dons been gone 6 days and everythings gone to hell n a hand basket. Diane struggles to keep the place running without

her sidekick


Michele  avatar
Michele said....  

Hi All... I hope everyone is going well! I wish I had time to post more, I've been gone so long that I feel like I don't know as many peeps as I used to...
Either way, it's damn good to be back!

Miss Diane I hope the AC holds up for your Momma and Miss Debbie, I think you will be just fine!

Glad to hear all of th updates, that place is going to look simply amazing!

Love to all,

Michele in Pa

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Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Diane, I'm only an hour away if you have an emergency.....If I ride my bike, make it 35 minutes tops!

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marsh avatar
marsh said....  

Goodnight friends,

Jackie, Bella, and Marsha

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Jan T avatar 08/26/2016

Jan T replied....

Pretty girls.  Good night.

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JimmyTwoTimes avatar 08/26/2016

JimmyTwoTimes replied....

we love your farm life Marsh. nighty night. 

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Lilly1 avatar 08/26/2016

Lilly1 replied....

Night Bella and Jackie,, Marsha too.

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Janice, JimmyTwoTimes
Lilly1 avatar
Lilly1 said....  

phony video!

TheOsprey avatar
TheOsprey said....  

If there's an Autozone or maybe even a Wal-Mart nearby you can get some stop leak for your A/C system. If so, get the stuff that's in a small can by itself and then you get a couple cans of refrigerant to go in after the stop leak stuff to blow it out of the orifice and to refill the system. It works very well and will stay in the system and plug future leaks too.

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