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Dianes cooking and Dons farming

July 22nd, 2017 
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Diane makes cool gyros on a hot day while Don tills the land and tries to train
these crazy dogs


Darrell avatar
Darrell said....  

at first glance i thought koda was the cat and warrior was hug'n it.

rkcolejr avatar
rkcolejr said....  

I spend most Saturday evenings catching up on these videos, Its like being at home and I take notes on Dianes recipes.

robbie574 avatar
robbie574 said....  

Lol :)

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Mike avatar
Mike said....  

Don and Diane! Over a week ago, I sent you guys a 20 minute video regarding dogs (including Koda) ADD, and anxiety . I called it from the beginning .

phony hater avatar
phony hater said....  

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