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Diane says thanks and Dons in the blind

September 30th, 2017 
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Diane is grateful for all the support and Don tries to bag a big one


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Gasserglass said....  

Patriots Walkway......Perfect!

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Will said....  

Hooya Diane! Send all kinds of love and support. Your seal groupy buddy.


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BobVH said....  

I'm so glad he is finally right where he belongs (DB) which is IN jail. What is so good about this is he did it to himself. Karma finally came around the kicked him right in the ass and put him in jail for a LONG time. Yes, it may not be over yet. However, just rest better knowing its OVER for him. I pray you both are doing better now and continue more so every single day. God bless you both.

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NerdicEclipse avatar 10/08/2017

NerdicEclipse replied....

That's the most beautiful thing about it to me too. He's such an asshat that he literally got himself tossed in jail and is looking at a pretty sizeable sentence. He picked the two most kind hearted people in the world to fuck with and it bit him in the ass. Sort of makes you feel good about the system. Glad Don kept all the evidence straight and DB kept pushing it. I know it was stressful to deal with but it's going to feel SO good for them when DB gets thrown away for a decade or more.

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dougk52 said....  

Many of us will continue to support u & peckerhead will be sitting in a cell. Enjoy your days.

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Railroad Dave said....  

I'm a retired conductor,former Penn Central,then Conrail,ended my 42 year career with the Norfolk Southern,I loved the railroad.Thanks for asking,been retired a couple years.I retired at 60.Live in Girard Ohio.

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